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If you are extremely curious, have a high level of energy and able to work at both boardroom and front office level, join flowresulting!

We are a strategic marketing consultancy located in the center of Utrecht. We help companies grow with hands-on advice on strategy, value proposition, customer experience and pricing. We work for large companies and multinationals in various Dutch markets and abroad in Europe.

Examples of recent projects are: design customer journeys that really make customers happy for Nationale Nederlanden, setting an optimal price for the newly introduced ANWB ‘Blijf Fietsen’ insurance and developing customer promises for Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens. These promises help customers choose, lead to higher customer ratings and keep the organization sharp.

At flowresulting you are a full-fledged consultant from day one which makes you learn a lot in a short period of time. Next to that, we invest a lot in your personal development through both external training and our internal flowacademy. Outside work we go for a drink every now and then and we organize lots of activities, like sports, visiting a concert and an annual trip abroad.

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