Step 1: Apply for the event itself to secure yourself a spot. You can find the application form under this link

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. Please also check your spam box!

Step 3: Over the course of the weeks, you will get information about the final participating companies. All joining companies will also be communicated through our Facebook Event Page, MAA social media as well as on this website!

Step 4: In the first week of February, you will receive some more information about the ARE program via e-mail, social media, and our website. 

Step 5: Until February 7th at 17:00, apply for the different workshops and recruitment lunches that you are interested in. These events have limited spots and will be selected based on your CV. Everyone has a spot for the presentations, so no need to apply here!

Step 6: A couple of days before the event, we will let you know for which activities you have been selected and send you your personal ARE schedule. 

Step 7: Have fun and connect with your future employer!